SoftPos / Kernel 30 years of experience

In Accezz Minds our team has combined 30 years of experience in EMV domain, which helped us to build read to certify EMV Contact and Payment scheme specific contactless kernels.

Our kernels are built on C / C++, so it is easily portable on Unix / Windows or any supported platforms.

Based on the customer ICS, we will configure the kernel and provide a library and detail API document that allows you to implement the L3 Application, if required our team also supports in the development of L3 Application.

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Terminal Management System POS Monitor Data at Finger Tips

Challenges that the current aggregators / banks face when they have multiple kinds of terminals are in terms of management, deployment, changing parameters, inventory etc.

We at Accezz Minds aim to solve these problem with the help of having a unique architecture that allows to connect to different vendors / models of terminals and gather information in a centralized place. With this information our intuitive graphical web interface, allows to manage, monitor data at finger tips.

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EMV Based L3 Payment Application Single Point of Contact

Banks and payment organizations are moving towards EMV based terminals which are more secure compare to the magstripe terminals. They require applications to be developed on the terminal which comply to the different payment scheme requirements and also seamlessly to interact with kernel and the external host systems / aggregators.

We in Accezz Minds, have a team of experts, who can support the banks / terminal vendors to develop these kinds of applications and help them to get the certificate from different schemes at one shot. We aim to be a single point of contact allow them to develop / test / consult / certify the terminals, be it an ATM, POS or mPOS.

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